State of the Campaign Report 2015

As of December 31, 2013, 3,098 [1] microfinance institutions (MFIs) reported reaching 211,119,547 borrowers; this is the largest number ever reported. On the other hand, the total number of poorest clients with loans outstanding declined, for the third straight year, to 114,311,586. Of these poorest clients, 82.6%, or 94,388,701, are women. The Campaign received Institutional Action Plans (IAPs) from 172 MFIs in 2014 and added data from 267 MFIs from the MIX.

In this year’s report, we included data from from the MIX’s database for the first time. Both the MIX and the Campaign collect data on total borrowers and the gender of those clients. We have received data from a larger number of MFIs over the years, but in some cases, the data in the MIX is more current than what we have. This year we looked closely at three countries where the MIX data was more current data than ours for a significant number of MFIs (India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines). In this year’s report, we used this data in our totals.

Since the MIX does not uniformly collect data on the poorest, we had to estimate this number for the MFIs where we used MIX data. We used the country average for the percentage of total borrowers that were among the poorest from MFIs reporting to us in order to make this estimate. (In the case of India, we did not use the NABARD numbers to make this average calculation, since they are so large that they tend to distort any country averages.)